Arnold Bennett (with two t’s)

A few days ago I posted a quote from Arnold Bennett along with a request for some more information about him. Juliane Martina Röll kindly did some digging and responded with a different spelling of her name and some links.

Hello David, first of all congratulations for your thought?horizon-weblog. I found it through David Gurteen and I like it a lot and read it regularly.


The quote is attributed to him on quotelover.htm#Q%206


I hope that helps. Regards from Germany, Juliane

Following those [now defunct] links leads to an extract from one his writings where he describes the town of Bursley in a language we don’t see much today.

The quote comes form his journal in 1897. It’s the 6th quote on the page.

Juliane’s generosity in following this up and then taking the time to email me is a great example of how just making a request can lead to a response. Often we fail to make requests for the other knowledge in our network and so miss out on opportunities to learn or do something different. Remember, nobody said you have to learn everything yourself. You can rely upon others to know as well.

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