Fully Formed RSS Feeds – The Call is Rising

A while ago I asked other bloggers to consider providing full news-feeds rather than simply a title and an excerpt. It now looks like I’m not the only one making the request. Both Jim McGee and Sebastien Paquet have the same desire. Jonathon Delacour offers some other thoughts on the pros and cons of full verses excerpt RSS feeds.

Seb suggested amplifying the call for full news feeds as standard (Movabletype users can easily offer both) so I thought this may help.

It’s breakfast time and you’ve just sat down with a bowl of cereal, a hot coffee and the newspaper. Upon opening the paper you see a list of headlines and short paragraphs. Two stories grab your eye but to read them in full you have to go back to the news agency and pick up the full copy.

News from your website should arrive in full if you want it to be listened to. Otherwise why are you writing?

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