Uncharted Territory

Over the last week I’ve been playing Uncharted – Legacy of Thieves Collection on the PlayStation 5. It has just been remastered for the new console with improved graphics.

The collection consists of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and a shorter follow-up titled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Both games, as with all in the series, are rollicking adventures full of fun, danger and emotion. Uncharted 4 has a moment that was as emotional and impactful as anything I’ve seen in the best movies. You can view that here on YouTube – warning spoilers.

It makes me sad to think many will never experience what these games can bring, because they are "computer games" and so seen as beneath many people. I wonder if this is because the associate gaming (the biggest entertainment industry on the planet) with the computers they don’t understand.

Not the same at all.

Font Frustration

I really like using FontAwesome icons to help add context to text. A small warning sign or other suitable logo draws attention.

Tonight I’ve spent close to 2 hours trying to get the new Font Awesome 6 icons to work with Obsidian Publish on The Quantum Garden. I thought I had it beat when I worked out how to link my "kit" to a page. The kit means one line of code is all that should be needed for the fonts to display.

Nope. Not a chance.

And because of the way it’s obsfucating everyting, I am unable to fnd out what’s going on.

The only icon I do have working is the [[missing link]] icon and that’s because it is a special case. Even then, only the older FontAwesome 5 icon version is working and not the newly release FontAwesome 6.

Time to stop and allow inspiration to strike.

Talk or Type

Tonight, while walking, I received a message from a friend overseas in Signal.

I could have typed.

I could have dictated.

Instead, I recorded an audio clip.

I’m now wondering if that is a better way to go for some messages. The only downsides I can see are inability to record on all devices, and a lack of search.

The mood is in control

I became flustered this afternoon. It was triggered when I let myself be more concerned with how I thought I was being seen, than what I needed to be doing.

From that point the day became much harder and it felt like everything was being thrown at me with speed. All I could do was react – not think – which compounded the problem.