Observing with a different field-of-view

The car racing simulator I play, Assetto Corsa Competizione, has the ability to set a field-of-view. This mimics the way our eyes ordinarily see by changing what’s on the screen. In my case, as I sit 2.5m away, the value is 15.8°; significantly different from the default of 58º.

As soon as I made the change the impact was astounding and unexpected. Immediately the car was easier to drive and felt as if I had all the time in the world – even though I was lapping at the same pace. I could be more precise with placement of the car on the track. Rises and falls were noticeable and similar to what I would expect in real life.

It was literally a game changer.

The experience got me thinking. Are there other areas in life where I would benefit from a different field-of-view – a different perspective?

Of course there are. I just need to find them.