Committing to tasks without dates

Some time ago I wrote that Adding a due date to your tasks is a mistake and promptly failed to take my own advice!

Earlier this week I completed all the tasks on my GTD next actions list for that day, apart from three. I realised a couple of things.

  1. Once I’ve done the tasks for the day, I tend to consider myself done and forget I have another list of 50+ next actions I can work on.
  2. I’d finished but there were still 3 tasks there.

My due dates were “want to do” tasks, not “must do tasks”. I can be sure of that because I added the šŸ† task indicator beside the date for the tasks that were “must do tasks” on the day. Without realising it I had the tasks I had to do and the tasks I had to do.

So, as part of my weekly GTD Review on Friday I removed all dates from my next actions list apart from those very few that absolutely had to happen on a specific date. I’m quite comfortable with that. Will see how it goes across the week. I expect I’ll get more done.

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