The magic hour

I have a lot of projects in my personal life which are so time-hungry it’s not possible to sit down and complete them in any one evening, weekend, or week on holiday. They are:

  • Cataloging my home photos in IMatch
  • Keeping up with organsing the knowledge in my personal knowledge management system, let alone using it to create new insights and knowledge
  • Completing a cross-stitch I purchased in April 2000

The idea of applying an hour of my time each day first came when considering my data in Obsidian. Simply getting my existing store of typed information organised is a lot of work and I can only do so much before it becomes tiresome. Nevermind linking and creating knowledge or writing new content.

One hour per day equates to 365 hours per year. For my 38-hour work week, that’s 9.6 weeks of effort.

From working for 30 years I have a strong internal sense of what 9.6 weeks, full time on a project would produce. The impact on my personal knowledge management system would be uncalculable.

All for an hour a day.

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