Spotify to Apple Music

In the last couple of weeks I’ve moved my music listening from Spotify to Apple Music after being a Spotify user for many years. I like Apple Music better.

  1. Apple Music allows you to upload albums that it doesn’t have. From my collection that was about 15. Once they are uploaded to my Apple Music Library, I can listen to them on any device.
  2. Apple Music is lossless. Not that I can objectively hear it. Subjectively I know it’s lossless so it sounds better 😁.
  3. Apple Music has multi-track Dolby Atmos. Listening to concerts and certain albums on my home theatre system changes things. 💡Make sure you set your home theatre to a mode that does no surround sound processing. That way, it should kick in for Dolby Atmos tracks, and play stereo tracks as they are.
  4. Dolby Atmos can be turned on/off by device. This means I’m not trying to hear a multi-track audio signal through my headphones.

I used SongShift to transfer my Spotify playlists to Apple Music.