Changing the podcasting guard

Every now and then I’ll come across a new podcast that I’m very much interested in listening to the back catalogue. And, as I like to download podcasts to my iPhone for listening when 3G/4G/5G may not be available, “Download all” is a nice feature to have.

My podcast app of choice until this week has been Overcast. I’ve used it for many years. It works well and has a nice little feature of cutting out quiet moments in a podcast to speed it up a bit when listening. “Download all” is does not have.

So, after coming across You’re Dead to Me recently, I wanted to start from the start. And that has led me to Pocket Casts. I like it. There are all the features of Overcast plus a few differences that are important.

  • I can “Download all”
  • I can push a podcast episode to the top of the queue
  • The Apple Watch app appears to work better. Overcast wouldn’t pop up on on the watch by default, whereas Pocket Casts does
  • I can group podcasts in folders (paid version)
  • I can manage podcasts from my MacBook (paid version)

I don’t change apps lightly, especially when the predecessor has served me well in the past.

Rock on!

Lordi’s 2006 winning Eurovision song Hard Rock Hallelujah contains the lines “It’s the arockalypse, now bare your soul” and “On the day of rockening, it’s who dares, wins”.

With lyrics like that, no wonder it won the song contest.