What’s old is new

Today is the running of the Bathurst 1000, a v8 Supercars race held annually at the Mt. Panorama circuit in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. There is a corner complex called The Chase which was introduced in 1987 to take some speed out the cars at the end of Conrod Straight and raise the circuit to international standards.

Historical documentary on track improvements in 1987

Even so, cars enter The Chase’s first right-hand kink at 300kph (186mph) before slowing to a sharp left-hander.

Compilation of action through the years

The thing is, The Chase was built in 1987 so this is its 36th year as part of Bathurst. I’ve seen 1000’s of cars pass through it over the years. Yet, my mind still tries to make the false assertion that it’s relatively new.

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