A single list to watch

This afternoon I’ve combined my watch lists from multiple streaming services into a single list with JustWatch. We are in a golden age of television and I have too much to keep track of. With each service having its own watch list, I never get the full picture of all that I am part way through, or would like to watch.

Instead I end up jumping from one to another, and not watching anything. Now everything is side-by-side and there are some other benefits as well.

  • I can launch a show directly from JustWatch and track episodes or movies
  • Shows that are between seasons, will activate again when that new first episode drops
  • I often watch the latest movie trailers and now I have somewhere integrated to keep track of them
  • JustWatch will indicate what platforms content is on. Sometimes, shows I’m watching are both available for purchase and available on my local free-to-air channels at the same time. Saves me $$$.
  • It also lists items which are on special. Again, saves me $$$.

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