The Hoonitron

Ken Block is famous for driving obscenely over-powered vehicles with great precision in a form of motor sport called gymkhana. Recently he took his new Audi S1 “Hoonitron” around Las Vegas.

The Hoonitron is a fully electric vehicle and that makes a difference. The sound of an electric whine is different from a combustible roar and that felt wrong to me – it was disconcerting. A lack of gear changes, up and down, and missing backfires meant a lack of information from what I am used to.

Humans are meaning making machines. We are continually using our senses to understand our world and our place in it. When the information we expect is missing, the meaning we make is different, if we can make of it something meaningful at all.

For clarity, I’m not saying Ken’s electric vehicle is wrong. My nervous system has not yet adjusted to the new reality and that felt odd. It would be easy to push back and complain. I’d feel physically better. Instead I chose to wonder what a new world full of electric vehicles will look and sound like.

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