• Observing with a different field-of-view

    The car racing simulator I play, Assetto Corsa Competizione, has the ability to set a field-of-view. This mimics the way our eyes ordinarily see by changing what’s on the screen. In my case, as I sit 2.5m away, the value is 15.8Β°; significantly different from the default of 58ΒΊ.

    As soon as I made the change the impact was astounding and unexpected. Immediately the car was easier to drive and felt as if I had all the time in the world – even though I was lapping at the same pace. I could be more precise with placement of the car on the track. Rises and falls were noticeable and similar to what I would expect in real life.

    It was literally a game changer.

    The experience got me thinking. Are there other areas in life where I would benefit from a different field-of-view – a different perspective?

    Of course there are. I just need to find them.

  • The emotions of software development

    I recently wrote about my Font Frustration in getting Font Awesome icons to work on this site. That night I had a new idea which 95% worked and I’ve documented in Add Font Awesome icons to Obsidian Publish.

    That’s the way of software development.

    😒 Try. Fail. 😒 Try. Fail. πŸ˜€ Try. Succeed.

    Move to next item.

    😒 Try. Fail…

  • Uncharted Territory

    Over the last week I’ve been playing Uncharted – Legacy of Thieves Collection on the PlayStation 5. It has just been remastered for the new console with improved graphics.

    The collection consists of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and a shorter follow-up titled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

    Both games, as with all in the series, are rollicking adventures full of fun, danger and emotion. Uncharted 4 has a moment that was as emotional and impactful as anything I’ve seen in the best movies. You can view that here on YouTube – warning spoilers.

    It makes me sad to think many will never experience what these games can bring, because they are "computer games" and so seen as beneath many people. I wonder if this is because the associate gaming (the biggest entertainment industry on the planet) with the computers they don’t understand.

    Not the same at all.

  • Font Frustration

    I really like using FontAwesome icons to help add context to text. A small warning sign or other suitable logo draws attention.

    Tonight I’ve spent close to 2 hours trying to get the new Font Awesome 6 icons to work with Obsidian Publish on The Quantum Garden. I thought I had it beat when I worked out how to link my "kit" to a page. The kit means one line of code is all that should be needed for the fonts to display.

    Nope. Not a chance.

    And because of the way it’s obsfucating everyting, I am unable to fnd out what’s going on.

    The only icon I do have working is the [[missing link]] icon and that’s because it is a special case. Even then, only the older FontAwesome 5 icon version is working and not the newly release FontAwesome 6.

    Time to stop and allow inspiration to strike.

  • Talk or Type

    Tonight, while walking, I received a message from a friend overseas in Signal.

    I could have typed.

    I could have dictated.

    Instead, I recorded an audio clip.

    I’m now wondering if that is a better way to go for some messages. The only downsides I can see are inability to record on all devices, and a lack of search.

  • We are all stardust

    Every atom in my body has been formed inside a star. And the same for you.

    How wonderful is that?

    It brings us all together.

  • The mood is in control

    I became flustered this afternoon. It was triggered when I let myself be more concerned with how I thought I was being seen, than what I needed to be doing.

    From that point the day became much harder and it felt like everything was being thrown at me with speed. All I could do was react – not think – which compounded the problem.

  • My best times of the day

    Morning for being creative.

    Early- to mid-afternoon for reviewing, commenting and considering/thinking.

  • That’s not a project

    It only takes a single sentence to peturb. Last night, while listening to Episode 70: Anatomy of a Project List (nestedfolderspodcast.com), one of those sentences came out of the blue and has had me thinking every since.

    Rosemary Orchard at one point said something like, "That’s not a project. That’s a goal." Immediately gears started turning in my head and I realised that many of my projects are in fact goals. It explains a lot why nothing ever happens on them. My focus and attention is wrong. I’m trying to go from goal to next action (task) and it’s too big a leap.

    Here’s an example project title. "Update photo library". Granted, it is one of those on-going "projects" that never ends. Under it I know I need to:

    • curate the photos of the last 6-9 months
    • add the most recent photos taken by family members
    • add metadata to those photos
    • review all existing photos not yet marked "Final" for metadata, events and people
    • scan the remaining photo albums

    It all boils down to "work on some of that stuff when I have the inclination to"

    Now I’m thinking a little differently. My role is Curator of family memories with the goal to Add metadata to all family photos. Why that goal is important to me, I’ve not yet parsed.

    From there, and as I review my role and goal, I’ll come up with projects. They will be something like:

    • Scan album 15
    • Review metadata on photos from 1985
    • Import January 2022’s photos from Dropbox

    Smaller, more focussed, and more likely to provide a sense of achievement.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where I end up.

  • Practice or Practice

    During my mediation practice this morning, one of the distractions I had to deal with was considering what “meditation practice” actually means.

    Is it practice to improve?

    Or, practice as in something habitual or repeated?

    I came to the conclusion it’s the latter simply because if the focus of your meditation practice is to get better at meditation, then I believe you’re missing the point of it all.