It’s been an interesting month. I’ve been slowly transferring notes into the Digital garden from multiple sources. Certainly, the system I have in place now is much better for me to manage. Single points of truth, all interlinked. Old blog posts have been deleted for not being relevant, combined because over time there is a single idea across multiple points, or posted as is.

I am going to completely revisit how I’m tracking books, movies etc. It’s a radical revisit of Don’t duplicate public knowledge. This afternoon I’ve pulled significant metadata about books I’ve read out of Calibre, but since I’m also Replacing Goodreads With Obsidian, the digital paperwork is everywhere. Eventually, I’ll track only that I’ve read, watched something and won’t even bother with when, which formats, or how many times. Here I’ll track My Favourites and why.

I’ve continued to take some time out each weekend for Photography. Last Tuesday I was a visitor for the first time at the Bendigo Camera Club and will join as a member. I’m enjoying the hobby, even if I keep forgetting things on each outing. Then, that’s why I’m going out each weekend.