I’ve been a big fan of Omnivore, but for now I’m pulling all my RSS Feeds. The team has been open about RSS being a beta feature, and my patience has run out.

  • Feeds are not reliably downloaded. XKCD and PostSecret are the worst two. I have to click through to the original post to get images.
  • Sync is unreliable. Items “deleted” from one system remain on the other.
  • Deletion is awkward in the browser and behaviour is inconsistent. I can click an article to delete it, then the next without problems. Another time, the delete button drops down further with each article.
  • And finally, the is no OPML export feature. That should have been there from Day 1

Note taking and the ability to import articles into Obsidian are plusses. The reliability is what’s killing it for me for now.

For now I’m back with Reeder. That’s going to limit me to Mac and iOS which is unfortunate. Nothing is perfect. I will continue to use Omnivore as my read it later app for now.