I am awake. For a little under 6 weeks now I’ve been sleeping with a CPAP machine every night and it has made a significant difference to my mental awareness. I felt the change the first morning and half way through the second week I was at work wondering why everyone was thinking so slowly!

My attention has been everywhere. I’ve had more time in the day to think, so I have.

A lot of my time has been looking into landscape photography. Something made me revive my 17 year old Canon 400D DSLR. The lure of being a “photographer” is something that has always pulled at me. Of all pastimes, one that I felt I could be decent at. In 1999-2000 I lived in the UK and had the time to compose and take photos. That time was lost and I’m finding it again. I am also very much learning and time has been sunk into that as well. Throw in some Astrophotography and my mind has been well and truly occupied.

Never mind camera research to replace the 400D with a Canon R50.

I’ve posted a few photos at @dcbuchan’s Portfolio but have not yet settled on what I want to do. Perhaps I’ll end up posting on this site. I’m also in the early stages of a long post on how I take photos from the camera to curated family archive state. The more I learn, the more it changes in minute ways.