Success – process flipped

Yesterday’s attempt at Flipping the process worked as expected and I was easily able to bring the post written at WordPress into my digital garden using the obsidian-rss plugin by Johannes Theiner.

I want my digital garden to hold all my blogging, journalling, household management, literature notes and more so anything that removes friction in writing whilst allowing me to keep all my words in a single platform is a blessing.

I was expecting the plug-in to bring across the categories/tags as tags but that didn’t happen. No biggie. I can easily add tags using Obsidian after I’ve imported the post from the RSS feed. I will also need to do a bit to reconnect images to the originals as the import brings across a URL and that’s not ideal if I ever need to recreate the blog or re-use an image somewhere else.

This is my input template:

published: {{published}}
url: {{link}}
author: {{author}}
#state/evergreen #output/blog {{#tags: }}
# {{title}}

To publish or not to publish

On and off I have the grand dream of being able to share my knowledge and thoughts online in some kind of linked notes database.

I’m currently doing what I can at and I thought I had it all worked out. Today, I’m not so sure.

There are competing pressures which ebb and flow. I am using Obsidian extensively as my personal knowledge management system. It contains notes, journal entries, receipts, finance information, and more. At the 1:1 level (ie. me to me) it is perfect. However, if I want to manage shared content within it, then everything needs to be considered in more detail and it gets awkward.

  • By default Obsidian Publish will publish all pages unless told not to. To protect against accidentally publishing private content I need to add publish: false at the top of each page. Even so, there is still a risk of linking to a receipt, or insurance document, and publishing that online without realising it as linked files can’t be protected against upload.
  • Published pages can have multiple unlinked notes. Within Obsidian, these links show up and provide me with information. They are not always links that should be published.
  • The Obsidian Dataview plugin doesn’t work on the published site. I rely on it extensively to automatically generate content that I would otherwise have to manage manually. Who needs to waste that time?
  • I didn’t have any other platform other than Obisidan Publish. Now I have had to introduce a WordPress site ( for RSS feeds that Publish can’t provide. I may as well shift my content over there instead, publishing only final articles, without the risk of sharing private content.

I think my decision is made. Now to actually make it and do the work of moving the content over 😁.

An observational blogger

I’m primarily an observational blogger. Throughout the day I’ll notice something and think, "I wonder if that’s an example of…" and I’ll use it as the prompt to share what I’ve observed.

There are three reasons for this.

  1. Writing helps my solidify my observations
  2. Observing helps be become better at understanding what’s working for me and what isn’t
  3. It prompts thinking in other readers such as yourself.

Types of bloggers