Quantum Gardener

Ghost of Tsushima

Late this afternoon I finished playing Ghost of Tsushima on the PS4. It's the last big game I'll play on the console before moving to a PS5 when it is launched (or whenever after I can afford one).

At the end of each console's life, the games are as beautiful and environmentally full as they can be. This is no exception and comes right on the heels of The Last of Us 2. As much as the graphics are extraordinary (for none of what you see is real), it is the story that attracts me to this type of game.

In Ghost you play Jin Sakai, a samurai who spends his time repelling Khotun Khan and his Mongol horde from the island of Tsushima. There are many reviews if you want more detail about how the game mechanics work.

I felt connected to Jin quite early on and through him to those he brings to his cause along the way. Many of the early reviews said Jin showed no emotion as a character. I (and a friend who has played) disagree completely. His emotion is what you might call understated but it is all there in the voice, if not always in his facial expressions. It felt good saving the citizens of the island against overwhelming odds.

This is the second ever game I've "platinumed" and achieved all the trophies possible. The other game was Shadow of Mordor and the two games have similarities in style of game mechanics and character growth.

Under Covid's umbrella I've played a lot more gaming this year than usual. Building cities in Cities Skylines, hunting treasure again in Uncharted 4 and traveling with Joel, Ellie and Abby in The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2. Now I'm looking forward to getting back into Elite: Dangerous. All of these games take me to new worlds outside of the house, and for my mental health at least, that's a good thing.