Pages marked “Budding” are under active growth in this Digital Garden, even if that takes a long time. They are more than a Seedling and less complete than Evergreen notes.

    24 notess at this stage of growth.

    • Photography

      My interests are Astrophotography, Landscape Photography and Panoramas. Equipment § My Photography Gear My Camera History .

    • Astronomy

      There are two aspects to my astronomy hobbying. Direct visual observation using my Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars and Astrophotography.

    • Completed TV Series

      A list of the TV series where I've seen every episode. There are many more TV seasons I've finished, but not the whole (yet!).

    • Completed Video Games

      A list of computer games I’ve completed, added to as I complete them (which is pretty rare I must say compared to some people but which did have a decided uplift during COVID-19 lockdown in 2020).

    • Getting Things Done with Obsidian

      This article is about how I have implemented the Getting Things Done Methodology (GTD) within the Obsidian note taking application. It is not commentary on how to follow the GTD methodology, nor will it necessarily reflect the methodology in its pure form^[Those familiar with GTD no there is no such thing as a pure implementation.

    • From Camera to Digital Asset Management

      This is the first of a series of articles I plan to write on how I take a photo or movie shot on a camera right through to archive with full metadata for future family historical purposes.

    • Darkside by Tom Stoppard

      Commissioned by the BBC for the 40th Anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon, I first heard this radio play around 2015 and only the once. It was pulled from Spotify not long after.

    • Don't duplicate public knowledge

      Within a Digital Garden it’s very easy to get caught in the trap of duplicating public knowledge that can be found elsewhere, or is otherwise known. For example, The Lord of the Rings is made up of Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

    • Combinational Creativity

      Metadata:#note-making#lyt#media/streaming/video presenter:: Nick Milo, Anne-Laure Le Cunff url:: Anne-Laure Le Cunff came to the field through discovering the Generation Effect.

    • My Photography Teachers

      There is a growing list of people I’m following on YouTube who are my go-to for learning about photography. They are all people I can imagine spending the day with.

    • My Photography Gear

      A summary of my current photography gear (cameras, lenses and accessories). With a bit of a wishlist as well 😉.

    • DUST

      DUST is a wonderful and wide-ranging collection of short science-fiction stories on YouTube.

    • Expand My Way of Being

      My Way of Being is more than the behaviour I show. It’s the total sum of how I engage with the world, make meaning from my environment and take action.

    • Hobby Together

      I’m a gamer, a miniature painter, a role-player, a cross-stitcher and enjoyer of good movies and TV at home. Here’s where I share my progress on whatever project currently takes my fancy, plus any relevant discussion on supporting technologies.

    • Designing The Quantum Garden

      Background § I have referred to my personal knowledge management system as a Digital Garden for several years now and it makes sense this online presence reflects that.

      • About

        Welcome to The Quantum Garden, a site where I share what interests me in the hope you’ll find it interesting as well. Time spent in the garden is all about cultivating possibilities in life.

        • Digital Garden

          A digital garden is a form of website where the author creates and curates ideas in public. As they collect information and write, notes are published in various stages of completeness (tagged Seedling, Budding or Evergreen) so that others can benefit from what’s there and then, without the burden of having to finish an article.

          • Maps of Content

            Maps are ways to access notes quickly, in a context. Much more than just an index, they organise and relate, include searches/tags even for quick access.

            • Quartz 4

              Overview of how I use Quartz to display this digital garden. Includes a list of customisations I've made.

            • Tap Water or Rust

              Tomorrow I take delivery of my CPAP machine and have been researching what water I should use in the humidifier. The prevailing wisdom for CPAP machines is that one must use distilled water.

            • Discworld

              I'm listening to the complete discworld series of audiobooks. All 40 were released across 2022-23 and it will take me much, much longer to listen to them all.

            • My Document Toolkit

              I curate a lot of digital documentation for myself and my family. It is important to remove as much friction from the system. There are so many demands on our time, that the smallest resistance can easily provide an excuse to switch on Australian Idol or Survivor and do nothing.

            • Observe the Music

              Changing how we observe our world by becoming a different observer is powerful. A power that gives us more choice. If you ever need reminding that observing differently can make a difference to how you feel in your soul you can: Listen to a favourite piece of music in a different location, on better headphones, or in a dark room.

            • Tubular Bells

              Tubular Bells 2003 § I listened to Tubular Bells 2003 properly for the first time on 6 October 2022. I had thought it was more of a remaster until I learned it was a complete new recording.