This is a record of my effort building the LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler (76240). It has a total 2049 pieces. Finished it is sized 16 cm (6”) high, 45 cm (17”) long and 25 cm (9”) wide.

Day 1, 3 February 2023

There is always something enjoyable about clicking the first two pieces of a LEGO set together, as much as it is sad adding the last piece. Today’s build was quite extensive. What I expect is the chassis is done, along with seats, internal console items and a nod to the Batcycle at the front. The differential housing for the rear wheels used two of the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen.

Day 2, 4 February 2023

Today was an internal building day today. These larger LEGO models have internal construction that only the builder will ever know about. The back section shown in the photo below will be completely covered. Got some seat backs and doorframes as well.

Day 3, 5 February 2023

Not sure how to describe yet what was built today. Looks like internal wheel arches and some type of engine cowling. All the internal seating is done as I’ve run out of display decals.

Day 4, 6 February 2023

Today was a quick build. The front windows and top of the roll cage are in place. It even has wipers for when I take it out in the rain! Certainly with all the sharp edges, the Tumbler is the perfect vehicle for LEGO. Tomorrow the wheels go on.

Day 5, 7 February 2023

I was expecting an easy build today; putting the wheels on. It was by far the most complex yet. Many small details that needed attention.

I found some instructions ambiguous and difficult when completed strictly in the order given. Here are some useful tips.

  • Instructions 240 and 244 — Be careful to to have the large pre-fab piece oriented the right way. Photo below shows which way you want to end up. I had it wrong.
  • Instruction 253 — Fair amount of pressure to pin the suspension to the side of the body. Be careful where you apply the counter-pressure as you hold. Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction = pieces detaching elsewhere.
  • Instructions 254 and 258 — Same as for 240 and 244.
  • Instruction 267 — Same as for 253.
  • Instructions 276 and 277 — Big wheels, big rims. The tick and cross guide instruction is trying to tell you that. Match the tyre tread to the instruction. There is a clear inside/outside of the rim. It won’t really matter which you use, but at least be consistent across all wheels. Don’t attach the wheel at this point. Do instruction 278 first. Personal note: remove cat hair from between wheel rim and tyre.
  • Instruction 278 — Put the access through the wheels, then attach them. It’s easier to line up.
  • Instruction 279 — Pay attention to the orientation of the “spokes” you are adding. If correct, you could run a string through one to the other in a circle.
  • Instructions 280 and 281 — Match the tyre tread to the instruction as in 276, 277.
  • Instruction 282 — Be careful how you have the rims on the tyres when attaching so you keep the preferred side out. Once attached, you won’t be easily removing them to switch around. Slide the tyre in on an angle - there is room - and pin into place.

I’ve included a 1.25l bottle for scale to show you how large the tyres are and a lovely nod back to 60’s Batman.

Day 6, 8 February 2023

Super quick bag today at just 20 minutes. Nearing lock-up stage. The doors are on, but no roof.

Day 7, 9 February 2023

Normally, I would do a bag’s build a day. It lengthens the experience. Today, I decided to go for completion and the build is now done. I have enjoyed this build and it’s looks great on my display cabinet at home.


DateBag Set #TimeCumulative TimeCompleted Instructions
2023-02-031/111h 17m1h 17m96/583
2023-02-042/110h 36m1h 53m140/583
2023-02-053/110h 40m2h 33m185/583
2023-02-064/110h 30m3h 03m239/583
2023-02-075/110h 45m3h 48m282/583
2023-02-086/110h 20m4h 08m308/583
2023-02-097-11/112h 10m6h 18m583/583

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