Have you ever carefully considered a purchase from a store then when you got home realised there was an aspect you’d missed that made it completely unsuitable?

I do it frequently with trips to the hardware store for screws where somehow I’ve managed to get the wrong diameter or length. Once, I bought the extended edition of the Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses CD, after I already had the original version. Then asked a friend to buy it for me, forgetting I had it!

Last year I purchased Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars for stargazing and as soon as they arrived, rushed off to the camera store to purchase a tripod. I’d done research and the shop assistant was helpful, but somewhere along the way I missed the height requirement.

To look horizontally requires me to crouch down a few inches. Looking up, to where the stars are, means tilting the binoculars and dropping the eyepieces down even lower.

It’s meant I haven’t used the binoculars as much as I should have.

The tripod I purchased is good quality and has a very smooth head on it for aiming the binoculars which is great. It’s simply too short at a max height of 130cm. I needed something more like 170cm.

A second tripod would have been a waste, but since I’ve re-entered the hobby of Photography I have one for my binoculars and another for my cameras.