My earliest memories of Photography come from my Dad and the 35mm SLR camera he had when I was young. The detachable lens, film canister and dust blower all fascinated me. I’m pretty sure it was a Canon as I’ve always associated that with cameras.

See My Photography Gear for gear I'm currently using.

When I was in primary school, the wonder of the house was a Polariod camera with with self-developing film.

The first camera I had under my control was my Mum’s Kodak Instamatic with 126 film cartridges and a flash bulb. I took it to Tasmania on the Year 10 school tour.

When I went to Denmark in 1988 I took with me a no-brand fixed focus 35mm camera that had pretty much 3 buttons. One to shoot, one to open the back for film and one to open the battery compartment. I took almost 1,000 photos with that camera.

My first real camera was a Canon EOS500N. It was a Christmas present in 1998 for our trip to the UK. As a beginner with lots of buttons to play with, I managed to take a lot of good photos.

Upon our return from the UK, digital had arrived and the 500N was traded in for a Sony Cybershot Sony DSCP72. A whopping 3.2 megapixel camera but perfect for new parents.

In 2006 I purchased a Canon 400D DSLR which has remained my camera ever since — with a number of smartphone cameras along the way.

For Christmas 2023 I added a Canon R50 Mirrorless with twin lenses to the kit as a replacement for the 18+ year old 400D. It came with a lot of quality of life improvements.