There is a growing list of people I’m following on YouTube who are my go-to for learning about Photography. They are all people I can imagine spending the day with.

PhotographerWhat I’m Learning
Henry TurnerMore than anything Henry provides enthusiasm for photography. His tips are always set against the background of joy for what he’s doing.
Ian WorthIan has a lot of practical “in the field” tips.
Mike SmithMike has taught me a lot about taking panoramas.
Joshua PegJoshua provides reflection on his own learnings in a relatable way.
Mark DenneyThough I don’t like the results of Mark’s editing tutorials (his creative choices result in picture that look unreal to me), his other videos are full of practical advice.
Simon d’EntremontA Canadian wildlife photographer with many years of experience on the finer detail.
Alex KilbeeAlex has a strong photographic art background and the non-landscape lens is another way for me to understand the concepts.
Nigel DansonA good balance of in the field and after tips. Nigel’s three videos on spending a month on the same beach are very worth watching.
Courtney VictoriaCourtney is teaching me to look closely at the small things in a forest.