Where do I start explaining how much Tim, Graeme and Bill mean to me. The Goodies was a staple of my childhood, airing regularly during the early-80s around tea time. I was drawn to the use of language and witty banter that was a hallmark of the show. Only on later viewings did I come to appreciate the slapstick routines set to music in the middle of each episode.

Obviously I was saddened to hear of the death of Tim Brooke-Taylor due to COVID-19.

My favourite episodes of The Goodies episodes - Wikipedia are:

  • S01E06 - Cecily
    • A truly creepy episode that still weirds me out today.
  • S01E07 - Radio Goodies
    • Who doesn’t love a walk through The Black Forest.
  • S02E04 - The Lost Tribe
    • Best camping gear ever
  • S04E05 - The Stone Age
    • Making the T-Rex talk was amazing
  • S04E07 - The Race
    • Can’t help but think of new drivers, “Turning right, turning left, turning nasty!”
  • S04E07 - Kung Fu Kapers
    • ”Ecky-Thump” is a beautifully crafted episode.
  • S05E12 - Bunfight at the O.K. Tea Rooms
    • My absolute favourite episode from the discovery of scones, jam and cream at the start, through to the toast poker and the tomato sauce fight at the end.