This week I pulled my Canon 400D DSLR out of the cupboard and clicked the shutter button a few times. I’m through my camera gear and familiarising myself with everything Photography again.

Emotions say I need to upgrade.

Brain says no. There are a few features that would be nice to have but all the controls I need are there.

Threw out the old remote I barely ever used and couldn’t get to work. Reading up it’s not fit for any astrophotography designs I may have. Have ordered a wired one for $25 instead.

Watched a lot of camera videos this weekend. May even understand white balance properly now.

Enjoying it. I like taking the time to compose a photo. That’s not possible with an iPhone. The controls don’t suit what I want to do. Moreover I don’t like having to hold the phone at arm’s length to see what I’m shooting. I prefer the viewfinder.