I set my self-consciousness a task as I went to bed. To come up with a title for myself by the morning. I awoke as the Quantum Gardener.

Mary Mary,
Quite contrary,
How do your quantums grow?
With chance and opportunity,
And your futures all in a row.

For a while now I’ve known the Ontological Poet, the Holistiic Detective and the Electronic Janitor. Fun, personal names that describe what people do much more appropriately than an offical title such as “IT professional”. A great conversation opener as well for the standard question “What do you do?“.

The Ontological Poet uses poetry as a means of expressing how he sees the world from an Ontological Coaching viewpoint. Similar is the Holistic Detective who takes a whole being approach to assisting you with life. And the Electronic Janitor? Well, he’s an expert in multimedia design.

So that brings us to the question of who is the Quantum Gardener? Somebody who selects possibilities and nurtures them to fruition. A person who looks forward rather than back and helps others with an authentic care, much as a gardener looks after a garden.

That’s who I am. Who are you?