For the last year or so I’ve been publishing my blog on Wordpress. I began using to write in Markdown and publish to Wordpress, then about March this year I started publishing directly from Obsidian.

Either way, there was practical and cognitive friction in the process. Multiple steps to go though, and writing was sitting somewhat external to Obsidian. Even those posts I wrote directly in Obsidian needed some link changes for Wordpress. link is not native and I had to either remove the link, or link the a relevant web page elsewhere.

As for Wordpress itself, I’m sick and tired of all the, “Life will be so much better if you upgrade to this,” messages that I’m constantly bombarded with.

I’m moving platforms again and have settled on Quartz 4. I tried something similar in the past but found it all too confusing and I still had the step of copying posts outside of Obsidian. Now, I can publish directly from within Obsidian without the need to change anything. It’s a fast process that delivers a fast website.

Navigation and Map of Contents still need some working, but you can see the beginnings at

Quartz is still under development. As of today I’m teaching myself Typescript to better understand what’s going on under the hood so that I can tweak some changes my way.

I’d like to:

  • Restrict RSS entries to the /blog folder only.
  • Refrain from creating a link to a page that isn’t published, even if there is a link in the original text to somewhere else in Obsidian. I think it’s bad form to link to a page you know doesn’t exist.
  • Remove the redundant tag listing from a tag page. The #the-garden-shed page does not need to show #the-garden-shed alongside every page in the list. You already know that.

Beside that, there is not much else I would change. The look and feel is basic and I’m fine with that. It’s the words that matter and if the text is easy to read, I’m happy.

As soon as I have my existing blog entries copied over from my current blog, I’ll remap the domain and be done.