A list of unread book lists

A few days ago, I wrote briefly about the need to make a list of all the book series I’ve started and haven’t yet finished.

Inspiration struck and I worked out how to do it easily and with productive laziness. Each book in a series on Goodreads links to the list of all books in the series. And since it’s a list maintained by the Goodreads community, there is no need for me to keep individual track of which books are listed. All I need do is track the lists, and the next book that I want to read. If I ever miss a book, then coming back to the list will give me the next one. I will only remove the link to the list once the series is 100% complete (or I’ve given up on it).

Doing this also cleared up my “Want to Read” list because instead of the remaining books, I have only the next listed.

Here are the results of my first hour of work on this. It contains the lists of books that were already in my “Want to Read” list. Now I have to go through books read for those series I’ve forgotten about and want to revisit.

Interestingly, there was no series in Goodreads for Walid and the Mysteries of Phi so I went and created one. 


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