Observe the music

Changing how we observe our world by becoming a different observer is powerful. A power that gives us more choice.

If you ever need reminding that observing differently can make a difference to how you feel in your soul you can:

  • Listen to a favourite piece of music in a different location, on better headphones, or in a dark room.

  • Listen to a remix or remaster – I recently closely listened to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells 2003. I hadn’t realised it was a remix of the original music and not just a remaster.*

  • Listen to the Dolby Atmos mix of a favourite album, if available, on Apple Music (Spatial Audio). Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Remix 2019) is currently doing it for me and is the prompt for this post.

A little change in how you observe the world can make all the difference. As they say, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”

*For the record I didn’t like it that much. The original is wired into my nervous system after hundreds of listens over 35 years.

Some thoughts on Spotify

Our house has been using Spotify to pump music through the stereo for a little over a week . Out of the box we have access to all our iTunes music plus many, many more albums from our favourite artists and our past. I’m currently running the Premium trial which lets me sync songs to my iOS devices. At only AUD$12 per month it’s a bargain. To buy the new albums we’ve listened to so far would run us over $200. A year’s iTunes music is at least $18/month. All I added was Airfoil to send the audio output from the PC to my Apply TV.

Listening to music that you like without annoying songs or radio commercials, swapping discs or ripping them to iTunes is very enjoyable.

Services such as Spotify bring up an interesting insurance question. If I’m going to pay $12/month going forward for all the music I’ll listen to, is there any need to insure my existing CD collection?

Spotify isn’t perfect. There are a couple of niggles with the user interface.

  • If you start playing an album mid-way through an artist’s list it adds that album and all that follow it in the list to the play queue. Which isn’t so bad except that… – You can’t clear the play queue.
  • The iOS interface is cheap and dirty. It needs work to be useful. Too difficult to manage what’s on the device and what isn’t.

BTW, there are alternatives either here or coming. I tried rdio as one. It paused every 20-30 seconds which made listening unbearable. MOG is coming from Telstra which will stream without bandwidth limits on ADSL and 3G devices.