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They Gave Us Laughter (revisited)

This is a revisit of a post originally from May 20th, 2012.

The world has moved on once again and we're now in uncharted territory. At a time when my daughters are coming into adulthood I'm conscious of a wave of experiences they are missing out on and will never have a chance to regain. But they will have different positive experiences in their lives. Of that I'm sure.

I love things that make me feel a strong sense of nostalgia. Many of us do. Yesterday I watched The Muppets after missing it in the cinema earlier this year (twice in fact). My post on Facebook said it all.

I laughed. I cried. I spent most of the movie doing both.

A can of TaB took me back to my uncle’s house when my brother and I would holiday there. The sound of a modem dialling had me laugh out loud and attract the stares of my girls who didn’t understand what I found funny. Most of it it was the Muppets themselves. Sometimes we don’t realise we are missing something from our lives, and how important it was to us at the time, until it returns. Time travel happens when we least expect it.

But, as Roland Deschain says so frequently in his quest for The Dark Tower, the world has moved on. And I have moved with it. I wonder what my daughters will have for nostalgia in their future?