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    • List of LEGO models I've completed

      The records of my LEGO builds. I like to build one bag per day to draw out the enjoyment.

      • Photography

        My interests are Astrophotography, Landscape Photography and Panoramas. Equipment § My Photography Gear My Camera History .

        • Astronomy

          There are two aspects to my astronomy hobbying. Direct visual observation using my Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars and Astrophotography.

          • Astrophotography

            For sure this page is a bit of a mess. Instructional guides § Astrophotography 101: A Lesson Series on Photographing the Milky Way – Lonely Speck - large MOC with multiple articles to work through on all topics Planning § Light Pollution § Light Pollution Map for Bendigo - I have this app on my mobile phone.

            • The Garden Shed

              Every garden needs a good shed, full of the right tools to make it flourish.

              • Productive Laziness

                There is art in doing as much as possible, as easily as possible and that’s what I call being productive lazy. It’s the term I use to describe my approach of doing as much as possible with as little effort as possible and applies particularly to repetitive tasks where I want them done quickly and without having to think too much.

                • Completed TV Series

                  A list of the TV series where I've seen every episode. There are many more TV seasons I've finished, but not the whole (yet!).

                  • Completed Video Games

                    A list of computer games I’ve completed, added to as I complete them (which is pretty rare I must say compared to some people but which did have a decided uplift during COVID-19 lockdown in 2020).

                    • Quantum OS

                      Quantum OS is my operating system which in no way suggests I am a computer. Rather, it is a set of notes that describe the rules and standards I have determined are best to manage my digital information as I see fit.

                      • List of my Favourite Music

                        This is a list of the albums or artists I come back to time and again. You can pretty much guarantee that if artists release new music, I’ll be listening to it.

                      • Video Games

                        All things video games and the platforms I play on.

                        • Site Management

                          Files used to manage the site from Obsidian.

                          • Index of Maturities

                            An index of all note maturity levels.

                            • Expand My Way of Being

                              My Way of Being is more than the behaviour I show. It’s the total sum of how I engage with the world, make meaning from my environment and take action.

                              • Hobby Together

                                I’m a gamer, a miniature painter, a role-player, a cross-stitcher and enjoyer of good movies and TV at home. Here’s where I share my progress on whatever project currently takes my fancy, plus any relevant discussion on supporting technologies.

                                • List of my Favourite Lists

                                  These are all of my favourite things.

                                • List of my Favourite Authors

                                  The authors on this list are those whose books I come back to time and again. You can pretty much guarantee that if a new title is published, I’ll be reading it.

                                • Gaming Teaches

                                  There is a lot computer gaming can teach us if we step back from the gaming and take a look at what is really going on. Gaming Teaches - Perspective Gaming Teaches - Learn From Others .

                                  • LEGO

                                    Jumping off point for all things LEGO.