Quantum Gardener

Way of Being

Way of Being. Sounds a little awkward on the tongue, doesn't it? A little poetic? Perhaps even pretentious? It is anything but.

You have a way about you. A way of engaging (or not) with the world you live in, a world that's unique to you. This is your way of being in the world. Given any identical situtation you and I find ourselves in, how you and I perceive it, and what we see is important, and the possible actions we can take will differ because our Way of Beings differ. To complicate things, if it's you and you in the situtation but experiencing it through a different Way of Being, what you experience will differ.

My Way of Being is a combination of the language I know, my moods and emotions at that point, and my physical posture. These three spheres interact in vastly complex ways to make me who I am in the moment. Your bring the same to your experiences.

In Expand Your Way of Being I'll help you come to understand you Way of Being and identify and ways to make it more resourceful.