In A Plague Tale: Innocence you play Amicia, a teenage girl who goes on a journey to save her little brother Hugo from an unknown affliction and the power hungry Church. It’s a supernatural story set against the background of 14th Century France.


When a game’s name keeps popping up over time, that is usually a sign it’s worth playing and I’m very glad I listened to that advice. Innocence is a charming tale of two estranged siblings that come to care for each other deeply over the course of the adventure.

Gameplay is straightforward and often telegraphed which makes Innocence a good candidate for first time RPG players, despite the dark nature of the story (hint: it’s in the title). There were only a couple of challenges right at the end where the difficulty spiked and I wondered if I were playing Elden Ring again.

Most of the gameplay is stealth centered and there is little in the way of combat as you might experience in your typical RPG. Alicia’s primary weapon is a sling or thrown alchemical pots.

Beyond the few sections where I made a wrong decision, or temporarily lost my ability to work the controller properly with my butter fingers and had to replay a short section, there was only a single repeated line of dialog. That shows you how much of the game is story based.

I give A Plague Tale: Innocence 4/5 stars and will be playing the sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem in the future. It is a rare game that has me so invested in the story.