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  • My Backup Strategy

    I value backups of my data and systems. Having them means a level of security if something is lost, damaged, hacked, breaks. I may be over-compensating in some areas with multiple on-site and off-site backups. Where I do that, I’m also considering the other aspect of backups which is speed of restoration.

    • Why Have All the Backups Failed?

      I woke this morning to a slew of emails informing me of backups that had failed due to insufficient space on the target drive. Why had they all failed? Well, it was because one had succeeded. I use Macrium Reflect to image the main home PC each night. One the first day of the month a full backup is taken and throughout the month there is a rolling series of differential and incremental backups.

      • 3-2-1 Backup!

        I want to talk about backups. They are important, and always have been. Unlike grabbing photo albums on the way of of the house during a fire, the right backup system means we can focus on saving the most important thing in the house - ourselves. Today everyone will tell you to follow a 3-2-1 backup strategy.

      • SSD Longevity

        SSDs have a limited amount of times they can be written to. Use CrystalDiskInfo to check. DriveTotal Terabyte Writes (TBW)Kingston 480G Dumbledor C:\160TBWSamsung 970 Evo Dumbledor S:\600TBWLast checked 2024-04-13, both drives with ample life left.