I value backups of my data and systems. Having them means a level of security if something is lost, damaged, hacked, breaks. I may be over-compensating in some areas with multiple on-site and off-site backups. Where I do that, I’m also considering the other aspect of backups which is speed of restoration.

What do I back up?

  • C:\ operating systems or equivalent for all computers in the house
  • Personal photos/home video library
  • Documents/files
flowchart LR
    subgraph Family-PC
    Users[fa:fa-desktop Users] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-02-Documents
    iTunes[fa:fa-desktop iTunes] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-02-Media
    Memories[fa:fa-desktop Memories] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-01-Memories
    Plex[fa:fa-desktop Plex] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-02-Media
    PC-OS[fa:fa-desktop PC] --"Macrium Reflect" --> QG-NAS-01-Images[fa:fa-server fa:fa-code-compare QG-NAS-01-Images]
    subgraph QG-NAS-01
    Zotero[fa:fa-server Zotero] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-02-Documents
    OneDrive[fa:fa-cloud OneDrive Accounts] --"CloudSync"--> OneDriveBackup[fa:fa-server QG-NAS-01-OneDriveBackup]
    Books[fa:fa-server eBooks/Audiobooks] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-02-Media
    OneDriveBackup[fa:fa-server OneDrive Backup] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-02-Documents
    subgraph My-Macbook
    Macbook[fa:fa-laptop Macbook Docs] --"Duplicacy"--> QG-NAS-02-Documents
    MacBook[fa:fa-laptop Macbook OS] --"Carbon Copy Cloner"--> ExternalSSD[fa:fa-hard-drive External Clone SSD]

    QG-NAS-02-Documents[fa:fa-database fa:fa-code-compare QG-NAS-02-Documents] --" Duplicacy"--> WAB-OneDrive-Documents[fa:fa-cloud fa:fa-database fa:fa-code-compare OneDrive Documents]
    QG-NAS-02-Media[fa:fa-database fa:fa-code-compare QG-NAS-02-Media] --"Duplicacy"--> WAB-OneDrive-Media[fa:fa-cloud fa:fa-database fa:fa-code-compare OneDrive Media]
    QG-NAS-01-Memories[fa:fa-database fa:fa-code-compare QG-NAS-01-Memories] --"Duplicacy"--> DCB-OneDrive-Memories[fa:fa-cloud fa:fa-database fa:fa-code-compare OneDrive Memories]

    QG-NAS-01-Images --"SyncBack Pro"--> External[fa:fa-hard-drive fa:fa-code-compare Spanned External Drives]
flowchart TD
    subgraph Legend
    a[fa:fa-database Duplicacy Storage]
    c[fa:fa-cloud Cloud Storage]
    e[fa:fa-code-compare Encrypted Backup]
    n[fa:fa-server NAS Storage]

Where do I back up to?

My backup targets are:

  • Synology DiskStation DS920+- 4 x 4TB drives, with single-redundancy. I can lose any drive and still operate/recover.
  • Synology DS115 NAS - 1 unit each of 4TB and 3TB.
  • Wasabi cloud storage - (Amazon S3 compatible)
  • OneDrive - comes with Microsoft Office subscription
  • Any number of external USB drives
    • 3 x 4TB drives as a single Bitlocker encrypted Windows spanned drive
    • Backup NAS-A - 1.88TB free

What do I backup with?

My backup software is

  • Macrium Reflect Home Edition - primarily for imaging whole disks and quick restore in case of disk failure
  • Synology HyperBackup - file backup
  • SyncBack Pro - copying files in bulk and transfer to Wasabi cloud storage and usb drives
  • OneDrive’s built-in sync

What is backed up?

Restore media

  • Macrium Reflect Home Edition - last build 2024-03-15