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  • 19 October 2023

    A Font of Google Fonts

    Instructions on how I added Google Fonts to Obsidian Publish.

    • 2 August 2023

      Scripting Templates in Obsidian

      Here be some dragons. This is a quick post to explain how Javascript can be used eliminate the need to update multiple pages if the structure of your metadata changes. Using Javascript comes with risks. Enter at your own peril. dd Within Obsidian, the combination of the Dataview and Templater plugins can make for a powerful way to access and organise your notes using metadata.

    • 16 April 2023

      Replacing Goodreads With Obsidian

      I have been a Goodreads user for many, many years. It has provided me the means to track my reading activity alongside a list of books I want to read. The past few years I’ve been an avid Kindle reader, topping 20,000 pages read each year. Goodreads integration with the Kindle has made it very easy to mark a book started and finished.