The notes in this folder are more temporary in nature. I’m not sure what I’m doing with this folder yet and if they will continue to exist, or not. See My Decision to Stop Blogging for my exploration of this topic.

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  • Now, 22 October 2023

    It’s been an interesting month. I’ve been slowly transferring notes into the Digital Garden from multiple sources. Certainly, the system I have in place now is much better for me to manage.

    • Welcome to the Garden

      It has taken a few weeks and now The Quantum Garden is open to all visitors. I’ve learned a lot along the way as I moved from Wordpress to Quartz including: Revisiting what I thought a Digital Garden is Plenty of Typescript and Javascript Some about how I think of my knowledge Bottom line.

      • Reflecting on the Last Few Weeks

        I am awake. For a little under 6 weeks now I’ve been sleeping with a CPAP machine every night and it has made a significant difference to my mental awareness.

      • Finally, a Coronation

        Ever since I first understood kings, queens and coronations I’ve wanted to see one in my lifetime. Of course it did mean someone had to die first but that is honestly part of the wonder of it all.