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Instructional guides


Light Pollution

Setting Shutter speeds

Société Astronomique du Havre - Règle NPF : temps de pose pour éviter le filé d’étoiles

  • View in Chome and translate to English.

Input-referred Read Noise versus ISO Setting

  • find a point where it begins to level off
  • Canon 400D - needs to be ISO 1600 which is max ISO
  • Canon R50 Mirrorless - ISO 800 but ISO 800 would be fine

Suitable telescopes

Guide scopes

Astro cameras


  • Characteristics
    • Fast lens f2.8, f2.4, and better if faster again
    • Low aberrations
    • Bigger lenses need tracker and gets to deep sky
  • Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM


  • Astrophotography Stacking Software

For a single photo Canon 50mm

  • 1600 ISO
  • 1.8 f

Shutter speed 7 seconds

For stacked photos Turn off long exposure noise reductions C.FN-2 Turn off image stablisation on the long lens Set Tungsten white balance