Santa brought me a Canon R50 camera for Christmas in 2023. It's a noticeable improvement on the Canon 400D for Photography.

Compared to the 400D, this camera gives me:

  • Live view on the back screen
  • More focusing points
  • +/- 3 stops of exposure bracketing instead of +/- 2
  • ISO significantly greater than 1600
  • Lighter body
  • 4K video recording
  • More pixels of the mega kind
  • Interface and technology that is 17 years further forward
  • Hi-res viewfinder
Sensor SizeResolutionPixel Pitch1
APS-C6000 x 40005.34 µm


Refer My Camera Lenses for a list of the lenses I have available to me. The EF lenses attach using the base Canon EF-EFS/RF adaptor.


The battery is model LP-E17.


  1. Used for Astrophotography planning.