Quantum OS is my operating system which in no way suggests I am a computer. Rather, it is a set of notes that describe the rules and standards I have determined are best to manage my digital information as I see fit.

Overarching principles

I Don’t duplicate public knowledge because it is a waste of my time.

Managing content

I want to……manage the Digital Garden
Attach a filePhoto, image and attachments guidelines
Tag a journal entryJournal tags
Add Maps of ContentMaps of Contents guidelines
Create section introSection intros
Add a sourceSource guidelines
Add a tagTag guidelines
Check for consistency/errors+Index for QA
Index some contentIndex guidelines
Rate an itemHow I Apply Ratings
Understand backupsMy Backup Strategy

Selection of Landscapes

There are no hard and fast rules about what Landscapes are assigned to a note. I try to fit the descriptions as close as I can.

Productive Laziness and The Garden Shed are very close to Quantum OS in nature and the difference is subtle. They reflect the general approach and Quantum OS is my specific application. Theory and practice.

5 items in this landscape.