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  • 25 March 2023

    Covid-19 - 3 Years on

    It’s just over 3 years since the impact of Covid-19 entered my world. I’ve been reflecting this week and one idea has me horrified beyond the direct impact of Covid-19 itself. Three years. If you told me it was four I’d believe you. That feels more right. Tell me it’s five and I’d question you but only because I was convinced it was four years.

    • 6 February 2023

      Don't Just Communicate, Converse

      When employees in the workplace complain about a lack of communication, what they really mean is a lack of conversation with a capital C. Conversation is Collaborative; requiring people to come together with an openness to joint mutual benefit. Controlled; focussed to achieve outcomes in the world. Continuous; we are almost always in some form of conversation, be that internal or external.

    • 5 October 2022

      Ideas are Better in Bed

      Conversations such as blog posts that I write in my head lying in bed or when walking are always better than they end up when I type them. I wonder if it’s because typing is simply physical and there is less emotion accessible in the moment.

    • 29 July 2002

      Coaching in Action Review

      I walked to the middle of the circle holding my name tag in my hands. Turning around to face the other course participants I held up my name tag and declared in a voice from the centre of my being, “This is my name tag but this is me and I am legitimate!” It was late Sunday afternoon^[2002] and I had just completed Newfield Institute’s Coaching in Action program.