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  • Combinational Creativity

    Metadata:note-makingLYTvideo presenter:: Nick Milo, Anne-Laure Le Cunff url:: www.youtube.com/watch Anne-Laure Le Cunff came to the field through discovering the Generation Effect. Creativity does not come from a muse. It all comes from combining pre-existing ideas. That’s important because it means you can make a process out of being creative.

  • Generation Effect

    This reminds me of the common theme I’ve heard from Personal Knowledge Management over the last 2 years. That is, make notes in your own words. Research has shown you remember better your own notes. I’ve experienced that this week in how I’ve slowly approached Ontology of the Human Observer and created my own definitions.

    • The Map is Not the Terrritory

      This concept is an attempt to get people to remember there is more than just the map. Yet, maps show relationships. In the case of a road map, it’s the relationships between A and B and importantly how to get there. Concept Mapping and Map of Contents do the same thing. Provide an abstraction level across the territory of knowledge.

    • Obsidian

      Obsidian is primarily a note-taking tool that uses Markdown files for speed and flexibility. The official site is obsidian.md/. Within Obsidian I document and link: Personal journal entries Digital Garden notes My consumption of books, movies and TV shows This website is published directly from Obsidian using Quartz 4.

    • I’m Replacing Instapaper With Omnivore

      I have been an Instapaper user for many years. From the time it was free, to paid, and then free and paid. For a while I was feeding Instapaper articles through Readwise to Obsidian. I couldn’t get Readwise to pull in comments from Instapaper articles that I’d archived. From memory I’m not even sure it could see them.