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Anne-Laure Le Cunff came to the field through discovering the Generation Effect.

Creativity does not come from a muse. It all comes from combining pre-existing ideas. That’s important because it means you can make a process out of being creative. It can be driven, rather than waiting for inspiration.

I’ve felt my creativity in the past has been stifled because it felt like I was creating something another had already created. Combinational Creativity give me the permission to create anyway. It won’t be quite the same. My experiences are different from theirs.

Software Development is a Combinational Creativity creativity. It’s similar because the developer is bringing existing models and ways of doing things to a new problem. I’ve always thought of software development as being highly creative, akin to an artform. There is such a thing as highly artistic Elegant Code.

Techniques to support Combinational Creativity:

  1. How does A impact B? eg. How does the Generation Effect impact Distinctions?
  2. Clustering. What does A and B have in common? Strengthens each idea.
  3. Compare and contrast. How is A similar and different from B (and vice-versa)?

These are similar to the questions put forward in The NoMa Method. Linking them can be done through Map of Contents or Concept Mapping. Although The Map is Not the Terrritory it is an important guide to my knowledge. Backlinks are Important in a text tool for identifying previously unseen relationships.